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GIFTS IDEAS GIFTS IDEAS Tea and Coffee sets Two Elite Tea sorts in Cans

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You can hardly find a man in Ukraine who does not like tea. Many of us are fans of this wonderful drink.

Here we offer you 3 sets of Chinese elite tea, 2 kinds of tea each set. They will be put into special cans and the recipient will be able to use long for keeping tea and it will remind him of a pleasant surprise and its sender.

The Set #1: Black aroma tea (50grams) and green tea (50grams).
Black pekoe tea with basilisk and calendula petals, distaff thistle, and dried fruits and berries pieces. To your taste we can deliver tea with Amaretto or cognac aroma. Just write us about your choice in the comments unit when making the order.

Green leaf tea has a big aroma variety too: aroma of orange, safflower petals, red barberry berries, pineapple pieces and ginger, calendula and tea rose petals.

The Set #2: White tee and Pu-ehr tea.
The main task when producing white tea is to keep the tea leaf naturally original like it is growing on tea plantation and save its nature. That is why such kind of tea is not influenced with fermentation, just simple drying. It keeps all the curing ability of the tea. One of the can will contain 50 grams of white tea variety Silver needles and White Peony

Pu-Ehr tea is called original black tea in China. It is aged for several years and becomes better and more valuable with every year. The tea has a peculiar light taste of nuts, outer bark and dried plums. This can has 50 grams of the tea.

The Set #3: Green and blooming tea.
Green tea is well known and described. But blooming tea is something completely special and outstanding. The tea has the form of 1,5 2cm hand made balls. It should be brew in a glassy teapot as so as the ball is staring to open and grow and become a beautiful flower. Every flower is unique and beautiful like at the picture on this page. The can contains 100gr of tea or 8-9 balls of such tea balls due to the weight of each.

  The Set #1 (Black and Green Tea, 50 gr each) in cans $ 34.68 (940 UAH)
  The Set #1 (Black and Green Tea, 100 gr each) in cans $ 56.10 (1521 UAH)
  The set #2 (White and Pu-ehr, 50 gr each) in cans $ 51.00 (1383 UAH)
  The set #2 (White and Pu-ehr, 100 gr each) in cans $ 66.30 (1797 UAH)
  The set #3 (Green and Knitted tea as shown, 50 gr at each) in cans $ 45.90 (1244 UAH)
  The set #3 (Green and Knitted tea as shown, 100 gr at each) in cans $ 74.46 (2018 UAH)

Two Elite Tea sorts in Cans

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$ 325.00

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