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SPECIAL EVENT SPECIAL EVENT Women's Day, March 8 The Sweets Cake-Casket
Strawberry with ream

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A real luxury! This cake can have lots of purposes

First of all it is beautiful and brings warmth of the master created this wonder. The top is decorated with 22 roses made of whipped cream and red strawberries. This wonder of design could be a perfect decoration in her room or bedroom.

Second of all, it carries 95-100 candies of delicious candies with 1 and half kilo weight.

And third of all, it is beautiful casket, which can be used long for keeping jewelry or just needles and thread or whatever you like!

If you choose this gift we can offer you some variants.

Variant 1. The cake can be ordered and presented empty to use later as a casket.

Variant 2. Present the cake with candies in the casket

Variant 3. We can your present into the casket. What can that be? It is up to your imagination. Just remember the inner size of the casket is 25x10 cm. As so as the time necessary for the preparation is 3 day we can discuss what you would like to put into the casket. So you order this present by variant 1 and then there appear additional payment depending on what you would chose to put into the casket. Just write us. We have time to set everything perfect for this extra ordering.

  Strawberry with ream, Options 1 and 3 $ 49.98 (1385 UAH)
  Strawberry with ream, Option 2 $ 59.16 (1639 UAH)

The Sweets Cake-Casket <br>Strawberry with ream

Extra gifts:

15 Flying Balloons
$ 25.00

Ukrainian Champagne
$ 8.00

Champagne Martini
$ 25.00

Vase, clear glass
$ 15.00

Raffaello, 150gr
$ 8.00

Teddy Bear
$ 22.00

A Single Red Rose
$ 4.00

Raffaello Large Box, 300 gr
$ 18.00

Baileys Liqueur 0,375 l
$ 26.00

Valentines candies
$ 325.00

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