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Our professional florists work in all big cities and small towns. We guarantee fresh flowers and beautiful stylish bouquet design even if in some small towns the flowers choice can be limited and some flowers; especially expensive and exotic ones can be unavailable. In this very case we will contact you by e-mail to ask your permission for substitution. Many of our customers are situated in other time zones and it often happens that the decision should be taken right away and it is nighttime in the country of our customer. In these very cases we take responsibility for substitution of unavailable flowers to other ones that are alike and close by their color, look and not less and even more expensive than the one to be substituted.

Other gifts

Please, pay attention to the description of the gifts to be ordered. We try to give our customers maximum choice. Starting with usual chocolate bars to the gifts that are made individually for you after your order has been received.
For example, handmade cosmetics which has limited expiry date like all natural products (preservative-free!) And so it will be prepared individually for your order.
Bouquets and figures made of candies, exclusive cakes by individual order, charming and funny balloon figures and so on. They all are made due to your individual order.
Some gifts are transported from other cities. For example, soft toys of big sizes are sewed individually at the factory and then transported to the city of the order delivery by local Nova Poshta delivery service. This procedure, of course, takes some time. And mind, please, days off! Though we work separately some orders need their service to be used. That is why we ask for the preparing of such orders at least 2-3 business days.
You can find the information about such details in our goods descriptions.
We guarantee to fulfill your orders properly and in time when you are attentive while ordering.
When we deliver your order to the recipient we offer sign out the order receipt as a guarantee that she/he is satisfied with the gifts quality delivered.