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Recipient City: Odessa
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White Delight
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Product code: 435

White Delight

Recipient City: Odessa

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Flower arrangements in hat boxes is the new trend of flower boquet designing. Extraordinary, ecologic, unusual, spectacular. 

There is a pasteboard box. A floristic oasis filled with water is on the bottom to keep the flowers fresh and long live. 

This tender bouquet consists of 15 white chrysanthemums. There are a lot of fiferent kinds of chrysanthemums as well as among other flowers. You can see here 2 2 of them. 

There can be different kinds of chrysanthemums and it depends on availability and seaso. But anyway it will be so tender and beautiful as this one 

The height and width of the hat box are 20cm, the height of the whole arrangement is 40-45cm. The color of the box may differ from the one on the photo.

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