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This gourmet set of high quality food products that will be no doubt much evaluated. Your friend or business partner can enjoy the tasty ingredients of this present among which will be some popular cocktails the main component of which is Martini! 

Capriccio basket contains:

- 2 Martini bottles (e.g. Marini Bianko and Martini Rocato); 
- 3-4-5 packs of Italian, Swedish, French cheese of supreme quality 125-200 gram each, total 600 gr;
- red caviar can,
- 200 gr salmon or trout slightly solted,
- 1 can of olives; 
- 1 pack of orange juice; 
- 1 pack of ground coffee, 250 gr; 
- 1 can of instant coffee, 100 gr;
- a box of chocolate,
- chocolate (black, milk and white) - 3 bars;
- Danish or Portugal cookies in a can, 400-450 gr,
- candied fruits, nuts;

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