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Recipient City: Odessa
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Recipient City: Odessa

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Having received such a gift you want to share it immediately with your friends and enjoy the taste. And tastes differ! Some like coffee some like tea. So this set would be perfect for all friends to chat with. And it would be a perfect gift for an office party or at least tea drinking chat-in. 

This gift basket has: 

- Marvelous Arabica coffee beans - 250 gr; 
- Elite black English tea Akbar, 1 can, 225 gr;
- amazing cookies in a can;
- Jam or marmalade, 1 can;
- natural honey, 1 jar;
- 2 lemons for tes;
- black chocolate, 1 bar;
- white chocolate, 1 bar.

The basket will nicely designed and presented.

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