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Recipient City: Odessa
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Roses and Strawberries
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Roses and Strawberries


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Recipient City: Odessa

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When the day is dul and rainy, especially in autumn or early spring, everyone wants some beauty, warmth and sun. And - some vitamins! 

Such a lovely gift-box can give youthis and even more! Red roses, scarlet strawberries...And the shape of the box shows the feelings of the sender! 

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1) A cute small box:   5 roses + 300 gram of strawberries

2) Medium box:  9 roses + 600 grams  of strawberries

3) Large box (as shown):  13 roses + 1 kilo of Strawberries

ATTENTION!!  We are a Flower shop and buy all other items at a local supermarkets and shops. So, we cannot guarantee availability all the 365 days a year at each town in Ukraine. We'll inform you if strawberries are available after receiving the order and checking its availability at the supermarket. If strawberries are not available we'll offer a substitution.

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