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Swimming Pool Gift Certificate
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Swimming Pool Gift Certificate


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Recipient City: Odessa

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You can just imagine such a pleasure…but it is often very hard to find some spare time and money for it. To get such a present?! Such a present will bring delight and pleasure to any girl, woman or… man! Just leave all troubles and enjoy a tender care of warm water flow. Any stress will be defeated by one-hour stay there! And who cannot swim we will try to teach to J. We will find a swimming pool that is the closest to the place where the receiver of this amazing present lives.

The mentioned price is quite approximate as it depends on the city, level of a sport club, conditions of each separate sport club. These clubs also include a variety of exercises and services for the members of the club. For example, a client before visiting swimming pool can train in a gym or take some yoga lessons, join to the training dance group combining training and dance skills. Many of such clubs can offer sauna or Russian bath. That is why the price of each club can be much different

If you are interested in such a present, please, fill the order form, but do not make payment. Having got the recipient address we can send you detailed clubs description and their service offers and prices.

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