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Recipient City: Odessa
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Portrait from an Artist: Dry Brush Technology
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Portrait from an Artist: Dry Brush Technology


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Recipient City: Odessa

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Portrait made by a master has much difference from just a photo or some printing. A painter can see much more than just a photo. He can express inner world and emotions on his canvas.

In our case we cannot make portrait taken from life and that is why we need a photo. Here is the example of woks а a professional painter made in dry brush technology. The portrait is created on a canvas or paper.

Look at this portrait…It has inner light. Such a portrait will keep memory and character for next generations. It is really unforgettable impression gift!

Needless to say, that since this portrait will be hand making by the Artist, it should be ordered beforehand. The work on the portraine needs at least 7-10 days from the moment the order is paid until the delivery date.

The portrait of a Dry Brush Technology  ould be ordered in 3 sizes:

- Small - 20 x 30 cm   or   8" x 12"

- Medium - 40 x 60 cm  or  1"4' x 1"12'

- Large - 60 x 80 cm    or   1"12' x 2"7'

The widths and lengths may slightly very at each option as it depends on the sizes of the original photos.

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