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Fresh flowers and lovely gifts delivery around Kreminna

Fresh flowers are always available in our Kreminna flower shop. However of cousre, the choice can't be compared with a capital city shop, but the most popular flowers - roses are always ready to be delivered around in Kremennaya.Red, white, pink, long stem and short stem roses are loved by any one: a little girl, a young lady, Mom or Granma. Aren't you sure that fresh flowers bouquet can be presented for a man? No doubts that it can, just professional florists creat it by a different way than they do for women. A bouquet for a man should be made up by a cascade, flowers flowers descend from top to a bottom like steps. Bouquets for women are normally of a round form. However things that are sais above do not mean that we have only roses at our Kremennaya flower shop! Chrysanthemums, lilies, eustoma, carnations, sunflowers.... all these flowers are available here,just can be not permanently. That's why you could place order and we then answer you if any kind of flowers is not availanle. We always offer substitution that won't affect the beauty of the whole bouquet. Except flowers we have a really huge choice of gifts for delivery in Kremennaya. Take a lok at our Catalog! The bigger part of gifts will be purchased here in Kreminna supermarkets and shops, but many of the gifts surely will have to be sent from the other cities of Ukraine. We do it ourselves, we do not charge any additional fee. All we ask is to give us enough time to organize collection of all items. It means that it would be perfect if you place order for delivery in Kremennaya at least 2-3 business day up front the delivery date. Instead your Darling will receive something that is exclusive for Kremennaya!

Customer reviews

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    On both occasions I received excellent customer service and attention to detail.

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    Steph R, Belfast, United Kingdom

    Thank you for the mail. My friend was very happy, and so am I Great service! Thank you Regards,

  • Reviews
    Christian, Belgium

    Thank you very much for everything ! The bouquet is very beautiful. Yours faithfully.

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