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Recipient City: Kyiv
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Teddy Bear and Chocolates
Product code: 198

Teddy Bear and Chocolates

Recipient City: Kyiv


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What can be better than receiving 2 presents at once? A soft toy and scrumptious excellent German chocolate! It can be well known LINDT, or Mozart, stuffing with the unbelievable and divine marzipan... It depends on the availability at a certain city, however anyway it will be the best known chocolate

The color of the Bear can be different than the one at the photo: florists buy it at the locl shops after getting a certain order. They select the most appropriate there. If you have any specific wish as to its color, please, write us at the "Comments" box when filling the order!

Small Teddy Bear up to 15-20 cm and German, French... etc. Chocolates 150-200 gr

In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.

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Thank you so much!

I did receive a message about how thrilled Tanya was!

Thanks again for the terrific quality and service!

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!

Michael, US
2019-02-17 09:05:37
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