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Elite Tea and Sweets Bouquet
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Elite Tea and Sweets Bouquet

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What an amazing bouquet! It will be a real surprise even for a sophisticated present receiver!

First – it is beautiful! Seems to be a real bouquet, but … a little unusual..

Second – it is extraordinary! Beautiful flowers with golden middle…but take a look this gold is a candy! What a surprise! Truffles, Ferrero, Raffaello.

Third – it is delicious! This bouquet contains gift packages with elite delicious tea, which you can hardly find in a shop! Every package has 50 grams of tea of exotic names like “Orient treasures”, “Makhardzha”, “Moon Palace”…and each is original and not like the other! Each one has its own aroma of petals, fruit pieces…

There are also a wonderful sweets to enjoy with the tea.

Such a bouquet contains 5 packages 50 grams each. So we have 5 brands and 250 grams of delight.

All your family can enjoy the taste and aroma of the tea during one moth. What can be better than a delightful aroma of tea while it is winter frost outside?

Such a bouquet needs at least 2-3 days to be prepared before the date of the delivery as it demands designer work and sometimes delivery to other cities.

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