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Fall Seasonal

Fall Seasonal

Flowers in autumn look so radiant as if they were weaved from the rays of the sun

We are delighted to offer a vast variety of autumn floral compositions for you to choose. While creating them our florists, without any fear of being ingenious, were really brave when mixing various colours and ingredients as autumn is so versatile. It is quite possible that the floral composition arranged by our florists, will become a little piece of art dedicated to this wonderful romantic season of the year.

An autumn bouquet can be made from both one particular sort of flowers only or a blend of different varieties. The main thing is that all the floral compositions stick to the “autumn” colour palette. And, certainly, the autumn bouquets contain lots of green-stuff. Using such combination of colours in these seasonal compositions our florists achieved a real autumn effect: green tinges of the departed summer and bright-yellow and scarlet colours of the new season.

During the cold season all of us so strongly long for the bright and warm sunshine. That is why our florists so often use yellow gerberas and sunflowers in the autumn bouquets. A floral composition made from big bright sunflowers and green decoration is an amazing version of the autumn bouquet. By virtue of such a bouquet you will compliment your sweetheart with even more tenderness, heartwarming sincerity and beauty.

The autumn bouquets shape may vary. But, generally, our local florists prefer sphere-shaped floral compositions. This kind of bouquets are at the peak of popularity: they are convenient, compact and good-looking.

7Roses chain shop system works in Odessa and all around Ukraine. One of our main tasks is inexpensive and timely delivery of bouquets and floral compositions to our customers on any occasion – someone’s birthday, professional holiday, family festivity or just an expression of high regard to your dear ones.