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Tulips-beloved, bright, spring flowers

What do we know about tulips?

Their homeland is the Middle East and Central Asia. Flower its name received from the the Persian word “turban”. Indeed its shape is reminiscent of this Oriental headdress. In the 16 century tulip got from Turkey to Europe. Flowers quickly came into voque. Breeders are constantly created new varieties using the ability of flowers rapid mutations. Among the admirers of tulip was a huge number of noble and royal persons, therefore new varieties give their names, as well as the names of cities.

This flower craze reached its zenith in Holland. You could say literally-“tulip brought mad nation.” The popularity of this flower has reached such an extent that the tulip bulbs began selling on the Dutch Exchange. It was the tulip “fever”. Not only the merchants, but also simple people had become to grow tulips. In Holland this flower became a national symbol.

A bouquet of flowers or flower arrangement, which includes tulips, traditionally considered a universal gift. And it is not surprising, because he has the rich, unique color scheme. Its gentle buds can be white, as symbol of innocence of the bride. An amazing bouquet of pink tulip, symbolizes the gentle heart.

Exciting red tulip bud will fill your body and soul with passion and energy. Yellow and orange tulip is like the dawn of a new day. Lilac and purple bud will help fill the heart of excitement and anticipation. Black tulip is like black velvet. Tulips are very beautiful flowers.