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"A black rose is a grief emblem,
Red rose is an emblem of love"

Beyond all doubts, a rose is the most preferable, most popular, most significant flower. A rose - is long ago recognized as a Queen of all flowers. It's gentle and easily vulnerable, charming and... unapproachable, tender and prickly at the same time. All these words are told about a rose...

In Ancient Greece philosophers considered a rose as an infinity symbol. Its bud is of a round form. There is no beginning and no end at it. Rose-petals reveal one by one, apparently, indefinitely. But as soon as the last one opens, the rose dies...

However at the same time tenderness can be unapproachable! Firm prickles on its stem don't allow us to relax even for a second, threatening to wound. One of legends says that prickles have been appeared after Adam and Eve's made a sin and were exile from Paradise. So, the roses had no thorns when being growing in the Paradise garden.

Since then this beautiful flower has endured different periods and changed the symbolical value many times.

Rose is a bravery symbol in Ancient Rome, a symbol of silence symbol in the Ancient Greece and Rome. Later it became a symbol of purity and virginity, an emblem of the goddess Love, then - the Sun, later - of a morning dawn...

Its most known value at the present is love, fidelity, wealth.... However there are differentiation of symbolics due to the color of roses and their quantity. For many cultures these values are similar, but since we offer delivery of bouquets of roses around Ukraine, we will tell about colors meanings in Slavic mythology and culture.

Value of color of roses

White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and perfection. Such white roses are light flowers, they confirm a pure, constant love, that is even stronger, than death. The bouquet of white roses also symbolizes fidelity and devotion. Perhaps that's why white roses traditionally are presenting for a wedding. They are wishing to newlyweds an eternal love and devotion to newlyweds with no words.

Pink roses. It is good to give pink roses at the beginning of the relations. Pink color symbolizes the arising feelings, it hints about the beginning of the relations and foretells their further development. Pink roses are a tenderness, admiration, pure emotions.

Red roses are the most popular, the most favorite and eloquent flowers. Actually any kind of red flowers speak about love and passion, but a red rose is the Queen in this regard. Even the young and inexperienced and unaware girl as to all subtleties of flowers language will intuitively understand: if someone has decided to send her a bouquet of red roses it means the almost open declaration of love! Such red roses bouquet speaks about passion, desire, and also about feeling of admiration of a man towards a woman.

The combination in a same bouquet of white and red roses speaks about pure feeling and eternal fidelity, terrestrial, passionate love. The receiver of white and red roses bouquet will read the message with no words at it: "You and I are the whole forever!"

Yellow roses have several meaning it is necessary to be careful when you decide to send a yellow roses to Ukraine. First of all yellow roses are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. They are given to those people, whom you admire and to whom you wish success sincerely. Brightly yellow flowers can be given to young girls as yellow color is associated with energy, a little wildness and youth. More mature women can given rather light yellow flowers or roses of a color tea that are less saturated, but more noble shades. At Slavs culture yellow flowers have also another sense: separation, farewell forever, or even treason. Negative attitude to yellow colors has gained a foothold in our country because of an ancient legend which says that roses in hands of the adulteress of the wise man have suddenly turned yellow, that have exposed her traitress.

Orange roses are extremely bright and unusual. They are like a flame, an essence of young and inspired youth, the life itself. They express the best wishes, speak about enthusiasm and hot feelings. Also they symbolize the phrase: "I am drunk by yourself". Thus, having presented to the girl, or to the woman, a bouquet of orange roses declares not only her charm, but also pride, admiration and the most passionate, exciting love.

Peach roses will suit the mature woman, in particular on the occasion of finishing any important issues. The bouquet of peach roses expresses gratitude, joy of a meeting, a warm attitude.