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Cake is an universal gift that can be added to flowers. We could call it really "universal" as any one in this World would be happy to get it! Children, young girls and women, as well as men would get a great pleasure investigating a new sweet experience.

All cakes could be introduces divided into 2 types:

1) Cakes usual and traditional, baked at a bakeries of the popular Ukrainian brands, such as Roshen, BKK, Vatsak as well as at a local small bakeries that are selling at a supermarkets. Such cakes are making normally in 2 sizes:

- 400-450 grams
- 850-900 grams

When ordered, our florists or couriers will just buy one at a local supermarket. Needless to say, that we are not able to know in advance which exactly selection of cakes is available at the moment. We choose the one that is fresh and looks nice of those that are available at the moment of visiting the supermarket.

The other thing is that such cakes can't be changed, for example, we can't place any sign at it, etc.

2) Cake can be made per our individual order at a specific local bakery. Such cakes have a few features:

a/ It's weith is more than 2 kilos minimum, i.e. from 2100 to 2300 grams. A bigger that these cakes are possible, of course!
b/ A short sign can be placed on the top, say "Happy Birthday, Kate!", "With Love from USA", etc.

We could divide in a few types:

a/ Traditional cakes the cake consists of several layers of biscuit and various types of cream. They always contain various inclusions: nuts, fruits, berries, etc. Biscuits are saturated with syrups, liquors and other things, that make them irresistibly tasty.

b/ A modern types of variouse mousse cakes. They can be made on a chocolate or cream, or cream & chocolate bases.

c/ Сake decorating can also be different: chocolate, fruits, berries, macaroons, flowers. Various figures are often used for cakes for children. Kids adore to eat well known heroes of cartoons.

ATTENTION!!! Each individual cake is a product of the creation. Baker-designer will try to make it similar, but a different materials, different things for a decoration can be used. So, a new cake can't be absolutely same as the one at our photo. We expect that it will be better :)!!!