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Orchids – the queen of exotic

Orchid – the most unusual and beautiful flower in the world. Nature didn’t skip on colors when it was creating this amazing flower. Their beauty and mystery also romantic charm attract many flower-lovers around the world. That’s why the bouquets for our site are always made with passion and creation.

There are many different variants of orchids in the world. They aren’t the same in size or shape also you won’t find familiar in color as well. There are as many as 30000 species of this flowers but hybrids are millions. Many people like this exotic flower however for some of them it is only a beautiful plant but the others can’t stop thinking about it. People can’t stay indifferent seeing this amazing flower so they want to have it at home. Our site propose you some variations of exotic indoor plants.

Orchids has sensual magic charm which attract people. Luxury and colorful bouquet from some roses and orchids will prevent you from boring everyday reality. Orchids always give women positive emotions and association with a queen. And intriguing, unrepeated composition are made from roses, orchids and eustomas emphasizes mystery of your loved one. Bouquet, flower compositions from orchids are made as ideal present for winning adorable woman. We are sure you will like our work but your present will be more welcome by loved one if you add a little present from our sites Gifts or Sweets.

Fast delivery through Ukraine and in Odessa will add your good emotions. Our aim to make you fill special and wonderful. Don’t forget to congratulate you parents and beloved ones.

Our company “7Roses” has network of shops in all cities of Ukraine, how do you make sure entering the section “City” in the upper left corner of our site. For example: Volnovakha, Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dzerzhinsk, Dimitrov, Druzhkovka, Konstyantynivka, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiisk, Mariupol, Pokrovsk, Selidovo, Slovyansk