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This unusual flower was a royal symbol of France. That is not surprising because if you translate a word lilie from the ancient one it means very white. This flower has come from old time and brought many myths and legends. Old greeks believed that lilies petals can be compared with little drops Gera breast milk. Bibles texts said that after Eva sin from all Edem’s flowers only lilies kept virginity and beauty.

This is not surprising, because in translation from the ancient Gallic - “li-li” means “white-white”, having come to us through the depth of centuries, this flower gave rise to many myths and legends. The ancient Greeks believed that the petals of the lily flowers personify the drops of the breast milk of the goddess Hera, and the biblical tales say that after the fall of Eve from all the flowers of Eden, only Lily retained the integrity and purity. So White Lily became one of the symbols of the Mother of God.

Having gone a long way through the selection work of scientists, the unique Lily flower, today, has more than 3,500 species of various forms and shades. What you can surely see by looking at bouquets and flower arrangements with this amazing plant in our catalog. Special features of this elegant flower acquired in the refined combination of the fragility of soft petals of the flower bowl, unopened buds and lush green leaves on a graceful stem. The aroma of lilies is the embodiment of femininity - it is gentle and beautiful.

Using the online ordering of flowers, you will find on the site “7Roses” beautiful bouquets and intriguing, unique floral arrangements lovingly made by local florists. Romantic, sensual, lyrical compositions of lily flowers, in combination with other flowers, will surely please modern women who understand the refinement and rhythm of life. Flawlessly beautiful flowers in boxes and elegant flowers in baskets are designed to please the eyes of your dear and beloved women.

Fast flower delivery in Odessa and throughout Ukraine will help create a sparkling mood for your loved ones today. Give them positive emotions. You can supplement your choice by using the sections of our site: Gifts или Gourmet.

Do not postpone "for tomorrow", because life is short. Hurry up to congratulate your family and loved ones.

Our company "7Roses" has a network of stores in all cities of Ukraine, as you will see by entering the "City of the recipient" section in the upper left corner of our site. For example, Vinnitsa and Vinnytsia region: Bar, Bershad, Gaysin, Zhmerynka, Kazatin, Ladyzhin, Mogilyov-Podolsky, Nemirov, Novodnistrovsk, Pogrebische, Tulchin.