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The language of flowers says about the carnation means: it is charm, enthusiasm, honor and fidelity, freedom... If you want to tell someone about the gratitude, that you can count on some one any time and under any circumstances, then present this person a bouquet of carnations!

Value of carnations depends, of course, also on their color. For example, the bouquet of pink carnations is a symbol of maternal love.

Bright red or scarlet color of carnations means success, a victory, leadership.

White carnations are a wish of good luck and success in everything.

Yellow carnations tell: "I want you were more attentive to me". And still it might mean: "Why do you avoid me? Have you taken offense at me?"

Selectors have created a lot of types of two-color carnations. For example: white petals with a red border on a contour.... or just motley petals that seem to be splodgy by the artist with small dabs on the white field of a petal. We don't offer such beautiful and unusual carnations in our catalogs as there is no guarantee that such flowers are available at the delivery date in your city. But if you like such bouquet, don't hesitate to write us about it in comments of your order and we will do our best to fulfill your wish.

In Ukraine red and white carnations also can be used in memorable and mourning days as a symbol of respect and long memory of the passed away person.

It is very important to send even quantity of flowers only in this case.