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This flower has come from the Far East.... Сhrysanthemums are known in Japan and China for a few thousands years! However at the present it is same popular in Europe, USA and other regions of the world.

More than 150 sorts of Chrysanthemums are known now around the World. They can be of a different colors as well as might have a different forms of flowers: like small camomiles, and from a small balls to a big spheres of 10-12 centimeters of the diameter! Such magnificent "big balls" chrysanthemums are available in the fall only, so, don't miss the moment and please your relatives or friends with such remarkable bouquet.

The chrysanthemums bushes have the greatest variety of colors and forms. Their huge advantage is also that they are available practically around the year and in all cities of Ukraine. Using such unusual variety of forms and colors, florists create extremely beautiful bouquets and compositions with chrysanthemums.

These flowers look perfectly also in the company of others, especially in bouquets that combine chysanthemums with roses or/and gerberas.

A very important chrysanthemum advantage is the fact that they keeps freshness in a vase for a really unbelievable long time. The Chrysanthemums bouquet can please the recipient of such a bouquet for up to 2 weeks (if, of course, the water is changing regularly and spoiled leaflets are deleting).