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Delicacies Bouquets

Delicacies Bouquets

The new trend of the last days – Edible Bouquets became extremely popular in Ukraine. The reason for that? Oh… the reason is actually sad… However we would not like to start a discussion about that here, let us just say, that each one in Ukraine would be happy to receive such a gift!

It looks original, bright, funny and… so inviting. Except that the delicacies bouquet even smells tempting! Take a look at our edible bouquets selection. We tried to offer a samples that would satisfy any one, any taste. We hope that everyone can pick up the most suitable for his taste and the taste of the receivers: there are bouquets with meat bouquets, bouquets with an excellent set of sausages, fish, and even with alcohol! There are such bouquets for both men and women

Needless to say, that all products, that we use for such bouquets, are of a highest quality class, the best food, that would be possible to find at a certain town.

Please, notice, that each bouquet ordered can’t look exactly as the one at our photo. We try to make it as close to it, as possible, but, say, decoration selection at our shop changes constantly and the color of packing can be different. Except that, some products that we buy at a local supermarkets, can be unavailable at the moment and we might have to substitute one or two components at the arrangement, keeping the general idea and look equal to the orginal one.

Make your friends or beloved smiling when receiving such funny and useful gift!