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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Being a part of Orthodox Russian Empire in a far past, and USSR in the nearer past, Ukrainians did not celebrate the Valentine’s Day. It was understandable as Valentine is the Catholic Saint, but Russia was totally Orthodox Christian country.

Since 90th of the 20th century, this holiday began to win hearts of more and more people in Ukraine. Again – it is absolutely understandable, as each one in this World dreams of a true love and eager to be loved. If in the past years Ukrainians preferred to hide a true feelings, do not show it for others, now people become more open and do not keep their feelings strongly inside.

Needless to say, that the speed of life becomes more fast, events change one another more and more quickly, our heads are full of thoughts about career, daily vanity that seem to be so important…. However deeply in the heart, especially when you stop and look intently into yourself, ask for the true feeling, a true desire, you answer then, that the biggest treasure, the most important thing for each one in this World is not success at work or something like that, but a true, sincere, sometimes sacrificial LOVE.

The strong wish to love and to be loved, to feel it and to give the signs of love were a kind of engine that brought this Holiday of Love into Ukraine. It does not matter now, that St. Valentine was Catholic - the holiday became popular here for young people, for adults, teens and… even for children )). Just the way they show sympathy differs.

Valentine's Day Celebration traditions in Ukraine

The celebration traditions of Valentine’s Day in Ukraine probably are not too different, than they are at the other World. Don’t stop telling to your beloved, that you love. Do it 100 times a day. Show your love at everything. Finally make proposal at that Day!!!

The visible way to say it, of course, is presenting flowers. Red roses are the most popular flowers at that Day. Walking on the street you see lots of girls and women with bouquets of roses, but not just roses. It does not matter if a bouquet is large, or is it small…. The true and a deep sense is at the other, more inner and more important things. It is a sign of LOVE…

Except flowers women love to receive sweets at that Day. Children give each other small gifts, notes, decorated with strips, small hearts, red bows, candies, etc. The gifts in a heart shaped gift boxes, heart shaped chocolates are also very popular here as a gifts for St. Valentine’s Day.

Any single person should stay without one or another expression of LOVE on February 14th.

Love and be loved forever!!!