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Christmas & New Year

Christmas & New Year

Orthodox Christmas

Christmas is one of the most loved Holidays for all Christians in the World, however it is celebrating in a different dates. There are two biggest parts of Christians: Catholics that live mostly in a Western European countries and Orthodox Christians – Eastern and Southern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Egypt, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas due to the Julian calendar almost three weeks after Catholics do, on January, 7th.

People in the mentioned countries mostly are not very religious, but they really love this holiday as it gives another chance for families and friends to get together at the festive table with lots of meals, to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

People are used to present gifts to each other at this Day. Needless to say, that children adore receiving sweets like Chocolates with Marzipan at the Gift Box and toys like Teddy Bear once again, as two other holidays when they were receiving gifts, just passed: December 19th (St. Nicolas Day) and a New Year. It’s great to get gifts again and not just for children!! Chocolates, cakes, candies will be taken with a big smiles and appreciation. Make sure they do not eat all that at once!!! Adults, when go to visit friends or families, normally take sets of fruits, delicacies baskets and traditional flowers. It is most popular to present blossoming plants as well as of bouquets of fresh flowers for Christmas to their friends, relatives and Darlings. Needless to say, that a red blossoming Poinsettia is the most popular Christmas gift everywhere in the World. A beautiful original decoration, Poinsettia combined with fruits in a basket definitely cheers up at that wonderful Day.

Do not worry if your Darling already has a beautiful Poinsettia! Any other plant, especially blossoming with bright red flowers could be presenting as a Christmas gift. It would be really nice to send flowering violets, azalea, anthurium, or cyclamen - these flowers will look great at home as well as at work in the office. Hot red flowers at the background of a snowing white city behind it would look really impressive! And one more bonus: plants will not fade for a long time and will please the receivers, reminding them about a sender for many years.

Send bouquets of fresh flowers, plants, fruits and… do not forget to add a bottle of champagne!

Merry Christmas!!!