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Recipient City: Kyiv
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Sincerely yours

Sincerely yours

Sincerely yours
Product code: 119

Sincerely yours

Recipient City: Kyiv

Region: Kiev Region

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This flower basket can be presented as to a woman so as to a man, a business partner or your boss for birthday. It is really very democratic! 

There are 17 pink and red carnations on the grass background. This composition can bring joy to the recipient quite a long time, as carnation is one of the most stable flowers. More over, there is florist foam on the basket bottom and it will nourish the flowers and grass.

17 х Pink and red carnations


In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.

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