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Recipient City: Odessa
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Gourmet Coffee Aroma
Product code: 143

Gourmet Coffee Aroma

Recipient City: Odessa

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You like to experiment...and so your friend does, right? Such an excellent surprise will make Him (Her) extremely happy. The detailed plan of the experiment and its constituents are given below. This is temptation for a real gourmet - no one can resist it! Wake up, it's not time for sleeping, you'd better get down to work! 

The contents of the basket: 

-Nescafe Gold coffee, 100 gr; 
-granulated coffee, 250 gr; 
-ground coffee, 250 gr; 
-one portion coffee, qty 10, many types; 
-cream, qty 12, 10 gr each; 
-cognac, 0,5 l 
-rum 0,5 l 
-lemons, qty 2; 
-orange, qty 1; 
-vanillin,qty 1, 2 gr; 
-cinnamon, qty 1; 
-cocoa powder, 1 packet, 80 gr; 
-lump sugar, 1 packet, 1 kg; 
-honey, 1 can, 400 gr; 
- the box of Ferrero Roshen chocolates, 200 gr

Gourmet Coffee Aroma Basket

In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.

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