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Summer Seasonal

Summer Seasonal

A bunch of flowers – wild, spicy fragrant!

Summer is sunny happiness, uplifted spirits, endless joy and plenty of flowers. The later it is in the summer the more luxuriant are the summer bouquets compounded by our florists. The summer floras compositions take immerse us into a kind of a fairy tale where everything is provided, – Whatever you want.

In order to be irreplaceable the summer bouquets have to be multifarious. Sharing happiness, the 7Roses website offers you a vast variety of summer floral compositions and bouquets. They will help you transfer your feelings and emotions to those precious ones, having been gifted by the best and the most colorful season.

There is something special about warm and bright colours of summer. They never leave women indifferent and fascinate even strong men. Chamomiles, sunflowers, asters, hydrangea, roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, lilies… They are gathered in mono or contrasting - coloured bouquets. In classical or fusion style. Ball-shaped, vertically stretched or flat across. In hat boxes, in baskets, gathered in bouquets. All that is a kaleidoscope of generous sunny summer.

Dahlia is definitely a ling of the summer. The palette of all the warm colours can be represented by this flower, - from white to dark-vinous. For example, in All the Shadows of Red bouquet the red colour is modest and at the same time puffy. It may also look light and lazy, but cryptic. But first of all the red colour says: I love you and I wish you to love me too.

Certainly, everything that happens in summer, brings people happiness, joy and surely flowers. And bright summer tints will bring you and your dear one’s excellent mood for all the day long. And surely the main thing about the summer bouquet is the person who is going to receive it. – Whether it is your mum, sister, colleague or your beloved one. In fact, presenting flowers is the way to say everything without speaking a word. Our fast and inexpensive delivery will help you with that!

7ROSES chain store system works in Odessa and all over Ukraine. In such cities as, for example, Lugansk, Alchevsk, Antratsyt, Artemovsk, Bahmut, Belovodsk, Bryanka, Dolzhansk, Krasnodon, Krasnyi Luch, Kremennaya, Lisichansk, Lutugino, Rovenki, Rubezhnoye, Svatovo, Sverdlovsk, Severodonetsk, Sorokino, Starobelsk, Stahanov, Hrustalnyi.