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The flowers language says that gerbera means a secret.... It is because one of legends says about the beautiful nymph who has turned into a flower. And thus the opened form and a bright color have made her to become favorite and desired for many people. They say that these flowers bring a good luck and smiles, give a joy and a fun. We are ready to believe in it without proofs! Really: you can't constrain a smile, feel joy and warmth when looking at these bright flowers! Each of them is like the Sun with the beams petals dispersing around.

Having presented a bouquet of gerberas, you will bring a joy to your dear people, it definitely will lighten the spirit and place a smiles on all faces around.

It is considered that red gerberas should be given to men, light-pink – to girls and women. Yellow and orange gerberas are good for sending for family celebrations.

However the best of all is to send gerberas bouquet of mixed colors! It makes connected all wonderful feelings and wishes: joy and happiness, love and tenderness at the same time!