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Recipient City: Odessa
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Sea Food Delicious
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Product code: 492

Sea Food Delicious

Recipient City: Odessa

Assortment depends on the city

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Such excellent delicatessen are for Big Days. So extremely yummy, nourishing and so useful

Make a Big Day for your close ones!

The sea delicatessen basket includes:

- a humpback salmon trunk, hot smoked or cold smoked, 200gr.
- Pasific Escolar (oilfish) vacuumed 100gr.
- salmon fillet , soft-salted, 200-250gr.
- hot-smoked mackerel, 1 trunk,
- red caviar, 100-110gr.
- sprats in a glass jar, 1 p.
- cod liver, 1 jar,
- tuna Karolina tinned, 1 tin,
- lemons, 2 pieces,
- a bottle of white wine 0,7l

All the delicatessen will be carefully set in a wicker basket

If any poiduct is absent at the supermarkets in the delivery town, then we'll substitute it with the other one that is same or larger by the size and weight.

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Customer Reviews

Спасибо большое. Вы как всегда на высоте!!!

Александра Максимова, Россия
2018-08-14 07:42:38
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