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Recipient City: Odessa
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The Hercules Delicious Basket
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Product code: 619

The Hercules Delicious Basket

Recipient City: Odessa

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Ukrainians love getting together and having a big, merry parties. Many relatives and friends are normally inviting for Birthday and especially the anniversary celebrations. Each holiday they get together and love to have something special, something that they can't afford eating on a regular basis.

The big family or a friends company can have a great party using just this really luxury basket of various delicacies. It would be absolutely suitable for any big and important occasion: Birthday party, New Year, Christmas, Easter, meeting friends, etc.

The Large Luxury Delicious Basket includes:

- Nemiroff Premium vodka, 0,7l
- Ukrainain Cognac, 0,25 l
- Salmon light-solted 180-240 gr
- A stick of boiled-smoked sausage, 0,5 kilo
- sliced dried ​​sausage, 200-250 gr
- Sliced cheese, 150-200 gr
- Sprats can
- Cod liver in oil
- Pickled Cucumbers
- Pickled Tomatoes
- Pickled Hot Pepper
- olives can
- Coca Cola can (or bottle)
- Orange juice bottle
- 2 lemons
- 3 oranges
- Wicker basket, decor

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