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The Full Set for Coffee with Chocolates due to 9 recipies
Product code: 238

The Full Set for Coffee with Chocolates due to 9 recipies

Recipient City: Kyiv

Region: Kiev Region

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How to please a woman? One of the ways is – chocolate. And if she is a coffee fan, then….

We have a surprise for you: this gift set has a list of 9 receipts of how to prepare coffee with chocolate and the recipient of such a present will have all the ingredients necessary to make delicate delicious coffee according to our receipts. They will be added to the gift set printed.

The gift set includes:

- ground coffee, 250 gr;
- instant coffee, 50 gr;
- black chocolate, 1 bar;
- white chocolate, 1 bar;
- milk chocolate, 1 bar;
- cocoa powder, 1 pack,
- cream,
- whipped cream, 1 bottle,
- orange, 1 piece;
- marshmelloa or zephyr, 1 pack; - maple syrup, 1 small bottle;
- a box of chocolate FERRERO ROSHER, 200 gr.
- "iris" candies, 100 gr;
- sugar powder, 500 gr,
- starch, 1 pack, 250 gr;
- orange dried peelб 2 packs;
- apple juice, 1 small bottle;
- vanilla, 2 packs.,
- almond, 2 pack.
- cinnamon, 2 packs.

All the basket ingredients will be packed and have festive decoration.

All ingredients for Сoffee with Сhocolates by 7 recipies

In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.

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