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Recipient City: Odessa
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Christmas Set with a Bear
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Product code: 600

Christmas Set with a Bear

Recipient City: Odessa

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Do you remember the special smell of Christmas? Do you remember that joyful excitement that you feel for a few days before Christmas? You would like to present gifts to every one you love....  Well... find another idea for such a gift!

This set includes also a small Bear, that accompanies traditional Christmas sweets:

1. Oreo  cookies , 95 gr
2. Ritter Sport  chocolate, 100 gr
3. Roshen Multi Cake cookies, 100 gr
4. Toblerone chocolate, 100 gr
5. Milka chocolate, 2 bars x 100 gr
6. Raffaello candy, 4 ct
7. Ferero Rocher candy, 3 ct
8. Wafer rolls Roshen Konafetto cocoa&milk, 155 gr
9. Wafers cookies Roshen KROCK!, 140 gr
10. La Crema cookies, 160 gr
11. Small Teddy Bear, 10-15 cm
12. Christmas decorations
13. A wicker basket presentation

Some of the mentioned items can be substituted with a similar ones of the other brands (due to availability at your destination town)

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