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Baskets and Boxes

Baskets and Boxes

In fact, the shape of the bud, the leaves, the texure of the petals in this message – each element of the floral composition, represented in our catalog, may symbolize something oracular, romantic and wonderful.

Our florists have used all their skills and imagination in order to create a vast number of floral compositions to fit all tastes and occasions. They are floral compositions in baskets of different shapes, colours, textures and flowers in light ornamental casing for a flowerpot. The flowers in baskets, cases or boxes may serve you as a nice fragrant present which can also be an exquisite compliment from you. Referring to this great variety you can definitely choose the right one for your occasion, whether it is someone’s birthday, a traditional holiday or a family festivity.

An amazing find of our florists is the "flowers in a hat box". These ultramodern compositions create a totally different perception of the surroundings. Some of them can be minimalistic as, for example, Bright Sunflowers in a Black-Contrast Box. Some are natural to the limit. – These bouquets won’t have a definite recognizable shape, but will look like a bunch of flowers which have just been collected outside in the field. It can be, for example, a composition from orchids.

The Flowers in the box represent delicate and modern style with no spare details. They look unusual and at the same time plain and natural. They are called up to bring esthetic enjoyment to our customers. These bright colourful floral installations may accompany amazing to taste sweets. In one and the same box the tangible world may combine with the world of colours and flavours created by a human being.

Trusting us you won’t have to bother your head - considering what to compliment someone with, as our floral arrangements are like exciting bright moments coming from Heaven above!. And in any case, you don’t have to worry about vase.- All of our flower compositions are provided with floral oasises which quickly absorbs water and retains it inside for a long time.

Fast and inexpensive flower delivery in Odessa and all over Ukraine can create sparkling mood for your close, precious people and beloved ones right today. Make them a gift of positive emotions! You can supplement your choice by using the sections of our website: Gifts or Gourmet. You can execute your delivery in any city of Ukraine. Even in such cities of Zakarpattia region as Uzhgorod, Beregovo, Velykiy Bereznyy, Vynogradiv, Irshava, Mezhigirrya, Mucacheve, Svalyava, Tyachiv, Hust, Chop and actually everywhere in Ukraine.