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    Анастасия, Германия

    Большое Вам спасибо за вашу работу, получателю подарок понравился.

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    Akshay Hardi, India

    Appreciate your efforts. Never thought I would get such a good service. I would definitely recommend your services

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    Неля, Харків

    Спасибо огромное. Именинница плачет от неожиданности, не знала, что...

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Cherkassy is the ancient city in Ukraine, but modern people live there. As residents of any other big city, they love bright and colourful things that make them closer to nature and rise spirit.

Beautiful flower bouquets from our Cherkassy flower shop

All human life is accompanied by flowers. New baby born and mother are meeting with flowers. Christening, birthdays, school final, wedding, the own babies birth... Holidays - New year, Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, on March 8, Easter.... Local people are absolutely same as they are at the other settlements of Ukraine. It's easy to send a beautiful, stylish bouquet through our flowers and gifts delivery service. Look through the selection of bouquets at our Catalogs. All of them are so good, It's even hard to make a choice!

Roses, luxury eustoma bouquets, elegant orchids arrangements, merry chrysanthemums compositions. The number of flowers and their colors that are available at our floral store through the year is impressive.

We would definitely suggest you to look through the boxes flower arrangements. They look amazing, elegant, solidly and dignifiedly. Such arrangements are extremely popular here at the present. They are good for a woman of any age.

Working at the flower and gift delivery service since 1999, we could see, that women look happier if they get something unusual... something that is both lovely, beautiful and tasty or sweet. Our company prepared a selection of such a wonderful combinations flowers and sweets at a boxes. Take a look, choose and make someone happy with it!

How to add a gifts to the bouquet for delivery?

It would be a good idea to add a gift to a bouquet of flowers. If you send a birthday gift to Cherkassy, then the bunch of multi-colored balloons would be just right thing to send! They are very inexpensive, but lightens the spirit perfectly. A good Ukraine or Italian Martini champagne, a basket of delicacies could be sent for a birthday party or for any holiday. Such baskets of delicacies and fruit baskets are most popular for sending as a gifts for Christmas, New Years and the Orthodox Easter. The choice of sweets sets is really the best at our store. Take a look!

What kind of flowers or gifts it would be great to send to a woman?

We are a local flower salon and sell flowers only. However we thought it would be a good idea to offer something else that our customers could send to their friends or families in Cherkassy. So, we added a big bunch of various items. Our florists or couriers buy the ordered items as a regular buyers at the local supermarkets and shops.

So, don't be surprised if the soft toy or something else, that we deliver, looks differently than it is at the photos. Courier choose them from the available items at the shop.

It also can be so, that some items are absent at the Cherkassy shops at the moment. At such case we mail them to our shop from the other cities. I.e. we would need 1-2 working days before delivery date.

So, girls and women would be especially pleased by combinations of flowers and gifts: sweets, soft toys, perfume, fruits and berries, delicacies, etc.

If you have a Brother, Father or Grand Father there in Cherkassy and would like to send flowers or gifts to Him, our florists prepared a specific bouquets for Men. Such bouquets have a special triangle design form, clear geometric lines, angles and clear colors. Father, a brother, Uncle would definitely smile, having received a set of delicacies, for example, one sample of Cossack line.

We tried to make a various proposals so that every customer could find something that he or she likes to send to a family or friends. However it may be so that some one does not find what he or she was looking for. At that case we are open completely for your individual ideas and we'll do our best for filling every ones wishes.

Some kinds of gifts should be ordered a few days in advance

The same thing can be mentioned about some other special gifts, such as a Giant Bears and Rabbits that are producing specifically for a certain orders after they are placed and paid. Even more simple things that are always available at a big cities sometimes need to be mailed to Cherkassy as a choice at a local supermarkets is poor sometimes.

The conclusion that follows of the written above is: all delivery orders for Cherkassy should be placed 2-3-4 days prior the delivery date. At that case we have all the possibilities to collect all the ordered items at our shop for delivery to your family or friends there. We are counting to your understanding.

Would you prefer a "surprise" flower delivery?

We realize, that most senders would like to surprise their beloved. Almost every customer requires us to "just go to the address" and not to call before. Otherwise there will be no "surprise"! Well... Let us explain something and... you might change your mind after breading it.

We are selling fresh flower bouquets and arrangements. All other gifts we buy like a regular buyers at the local shop or supermarket. If something is bought, you can't give it back and get refunded. So, it would be reasonable to buy items for delivery after we make sure that they will be presented to the receivers definitely. However we have a great experience, we faced hundreds of different situations. Let us share our experience here.

  1. About 10% of orders arrive for receivers who are not in CITY at the moment. If we just go, as our customers require, then we are not able to refund you if delivery fail!
  2. About 95% of orders the receiver's doors are locked and nobody opens courier if he comes with no prior agreement. We can't just leave gifts near the door as receiver may never find them later, when she comes back home. So, at this case we would leave a note at the door asking receiver to come to our floral shop for flowers and gifts. As for our view, it is not fair at all! We still prefer a personal address delivery!
  3. About 50% of all orders are delivering to the actual addresses, that do not coincide with the provided by customers at the orders. If we come to a wrong address, we might never find receiver there!

Finally it is not easy to find the given address here in CITY without the guiding by a receiver. Building numbers can be mixed unpredictably. Say, building #98 may be next to a building #19. Next one could have a number 16, etc. Apartments are also totally mixed, many entrances, court yards might be like labyrinths that never could be untangled. The receiver only might help to find her location at that total mixture.

So, if we find out that delivery can't be fulfilled, but all gifts are bought, then we are not able to refund our customers and they loose the money. We don't like it. What about you?

For saving money of our customers we invented a special procedure that saves "surprise" and at the same time make delivery guaranteed. More over, we then present flowers and gifts in person to the receivers. Would you like to know how we do it?

We call receiver, introduce ourselves as "International Greeting company". We say, that we have a very nice surprise for her and ask about the most appropriate time & place for a personal meeting with her/him. Receiver sets such time and we then 100% are sure that delivery will take place today at a certain time. Only after that we start collecting gifts at the local shops that have to be delivered alone with flowers.

If we can't get through by phone, we use all other ways to contact the receiver: Viber, sms, What's app, etc. If any of these efforts work, we then inform a customer about it and follow his further instructions. At the case delivery is not possible at all, we refund a customer, deducting 20% for covering the bank commission and our time & efforts.

If the receiver says that she is away of Cherkassy, we ask about the date she returns back. This way we still keep "surprise" and it makes receiver exited even more! She knows that something is going to happen, but has no idea what exactly and who is the sender!

Funeral urgent mourning flowers delivery in Cherkassy

It happens so, that some one loved and cherished leaves this World forever, but you are far away at the moment and can't be there for funeral. We are here for you at this hard moment and deliver traditional mourning bouquets of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh flowers for the funeral in Cherkassy. Needless to say, that the black strip with your words of condolences will be added to the mourning arrangement. This type of flower delivery has first priority and is filling within 1-2 hours if necessary.

Do not forget to send the even number of flowers for a memorial reason. The color of flowers that normally are sending for funerals is dark red or white. Red carnation is a most usual flower for funeral, however for a close people dark red roses are sending as well.

The black strip should be added to the mourning bouquet or arrangement. The black strip for a large mourning basket of flowers is wide and a few words normally are written there (to whom and from whom). We can do it and place at an arrangement. Please, order a gift card and type in your words for the mourning black strip. Price is same for these both items.