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    Akshay Hardi, India

    Appreciate your efforts. Never thought I would get such a good service. I would definitely recommend your services

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    Неля, Харків

    Спасибо огромное. Именинница плачет от неожиданности, не знала, что...

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    Дуже гарний букет. Дружина приємно вражена та задоволена. Сподіваюсь...

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Surprise your Darling in Kyiv with fresh flowers bouquet and lovely gift

The 9 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Ukraine

Our local flower shop offers the widest choice of fresh flowers, home plants and a number of gifts. We also accept delivery orders for flower and gifts delivery around Kyiv and Kyiv region. Professional florists create incredibly beautiful and creative bouquets with roses of a different colors, as well as with the combinations of a various flowers: orchids, tulips (spring), eustoma, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, alstromeriya, carnations, gerberas and many others.

In spring our shop offers wonderful fresh and stylish bouquets of seasonal flowers: tulips, narcissuses, peonies, lilac and others. The bouquets and flower arrangements of a summer seasonal flowers are also very popular, they are making with sunflowers, dahlia, camomiles, gladioluses. In the fall first place on polarity is won by autumn seasonal compositions of asters, hydrangeas, and other flowers.

Send some lovely or unusual gift to your Beloved in Kyiv

Our flower shop offers also huge choice of different gifts which can be ordered for delivery alone with flowers. Working in the sphere of the international flower delivery business for about 20 years, we perfectly learnt the taste of our recipients. So, girls and women in Ukraine would be especially pleased by combinations of flowers and gifts: sweets, soft toys, perfume, fruits and berries, delicacies, etc.

If you have a Brother, Father or Grand Father there and would like to send flowers or gifts to Him, our Kyiv florists prepared a specific bouquets for Men. Such bouquets have a special triangle design form, clear geometric lines, angles and clear colors. Please the relatives or your beloved!

Are there any local traditions as to the number of flowers or their colors?

Yes! And it is extremely important to follow the local traditions in this regard. Receiver of your bouquet is going to be extremely sensitive about it.

The Number of Flowers

Odd number of flowers is sending for the holidays, birthdays, for expressing love or respect and so on. In other words, odd number of flowers is sending to alive people. If you decide to send a bouquet of roses (by the way, it is the most popular flower for our customers), make sure there id the odd number of flowers only!

Even number of flowers is sending as a mourning flowers, flowers for funeral in Kyiv, it is a number for memorial events only. Never ever send to someone the even number of flowers as greeting or a gift! It will be accepted like you wish a death to that person!!!

This tradition is extremely strong not just in Ukraine, but at all parts of Ukraine.

The Color of Flowers

Actually any color of flowers is ok for sending to Kyiv. Red roses mean love, white roses symbolize purity and fidelity. It is customary to send bouquets of white flowers for a wedding... The only color that people might consider as a bad sign would be... yellow roses! Traditionally yellow flowers are considering as a hint for parting or saying "Good bye!". However this tradition is slowly recedes in a big and modern cities. Girls and women there are mostly open to the yellow color flowers now. However people in a small towns and villages still follow this point of view.

Would you prefer a "surprise" flower delivery?

We realize, that most senders would like to surprise their beloved. Almost every customer requires us to "just go to the address" and not to call before. Otherwise there will be no "surprise"! Well... Let us explain something and... you might change your mind after breading it.

We are a Flower Shop and sell fresh flower bouquets and arrangements. All other gifts we buy like a regular buyers at the local shop or supermarket. If something is bought, you can't give it back and get refunded. So, it would be reasonable to buy items for delivery after we make sure that they will be presented to the receivers definitely.

However, running the Flower & Gift delivery business since 1999, we have a great experience, we faced hundreds of different situations. Let us share our experience here.

  1. One of 10-12 orders arrive for receivers who are not in Kyiv at the moment. If we are not able to pass flowers and gifts, then we can't refund you for the failed delivery.
  2. In 95% of orders the receiver's doors are locked and nobody opens them when courier knocks the door or rings the door bell. We can't just leave gifts near the door as receiver may never see them when she comes back home. Someone definitely steals them. So, at this case we would leave a note at the door asking receiver to come to our flower shop for flowers and gifts. As for our view, it is not fair at all! This way "surprise" gets into a definitely unpleasant things.
  3. Approximately half of all orders are delivering to the actual addresses, that are different, than the ones filled by customers at the orders. If we come to a wrong address, we might never find receiver there!

Finally very often it is not easy to find the given address. Building numbers can be mixed unpredictably. Say, building #98 may be next to a building #19. Next one could have a number 16, etc. Apartments are also totally mixed, many entrances, court yards, like labyrinths that never could be untangled. Receiver only might help to find her at that total mixture.

All the nuances above make deliveries sometimes not possible at all. Especially if it appears that receiver is at any other country at the moment :) So, if we find out that delivery can't be fulfilled, but all gifts are bought, then we are not able to refund our customers and they loose the money. We don't like it. What about you?

For saving money of our customers we invented a special procedure that saves "surprise" and at the same time make delivery guaranteed. More over, we then present flowers and gifts in person to the receivers. Would you like to know how we do it?

We call receiver, introduce ourselves as "International Greeting company". We say, that we have a very nice surprise for her and ask about the most appropriate time & place for a personal meeting with her/him. Receiver sets such time and we then 100% are sure that delivery will take place today at a certain time. Only after that we start collecting gifts at the local shops that have to be delivered alone with flowers.

If we can't get through by phone, we use all other ways to contact the receiver: Viber, sms, What's app, etc. If any of these efforts work, we then inform a customer about it and follow his further instructions. At the case delivery is not possible at all, we refund a customer, deducting 20% for covering the bank commission and our time & efforts.

If the receiver says that she is off Kyiv, we ask about the date she returns back. This way we still keep "surprise" and it makes receiver exited even more! She knows that something is going to happen, but has no idea what exactly and who is the sender!

How the order for flower delivery could be placed?

Actually it's very easy. Just search our Kyiv Catalog and make your choice. Send it into a cart. Then you could return back to Catalog and add something else. Go to the next stage after you finish shopping: click "Pay the order" button. As you could see at the opened payment page, we accept VISA or MASTER cards for on-line payments.

One more way to pay the international order would be through TransferWise most reliable company. It would take 15-20 minutes to clear things and to register there, but then you could easy pay any bill at any part of the World through this site. A few our customers use it and are happy with it. Except other benefits, we would mention a high security. Look, if you register at TransferWise and then use it for many (all?) payments, you are not going to spray out your card data at many sites, but use one reliable site for all payments. A few our customers use it and are happy.

Why choose 7Roses in Kiev?

Our team of the local Kiev florists has the biggest choice of various flowers: tender roses, bright gerbera, luxuriant eustoma, merry alstroemerias, chrysanthemums and elegant orchids, number of seasonal flowers. Florists-designers follow all the most modern flowers of the floristic fashion and create the a magnificent arrangements - bouquets, basket and boxes compositions, adding a lot of modern decorative materials. Actually our florists are at the top of all the Ukraine florists in their professional skills.

It's easy to greet your someone special in Kyiv to their birthdays, New Years, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women Day, March 8th. Send flowers and gifts with no reason at all. Such surprises are even more appreciated then receiving gifts for a special days. By the way, we offer a longest list of the most various gifts for delivery at any occasion. For example, the Easter baskets are completed due to the strong Ukrainian traditions and include everything that receiver might expect at this exactly Day. For the Valentines Day we prepared a number of bouquets and gifts that symbolize eternal love and devotion and so on.

Fresh flowers and gifts delivery to villages nearby Kyiv

Our flower shop delivers flowers and gifts also to villages nearby our town - the villages Hotiv, Novosilky, Chabany, Kryukovshchyna, Tarasivka, Sofiyivska Borshchagivka, Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, Gnativka, Belogorodka, Gorenychi, Myla, Mriya, Dmytrivka, Vyshgorod, Novi Petrivtsi, Stari Petrivtsi and others. Please, send us request with the name of the village and we'll reply if we can deliver there and what would be a price of such a long distance delivery.

Funeral urgent flower delivery in Kiev

It happens so that some one loved and cherished leaves this World forever, but you are far away at the moment and can't be there for funeral. We could help at this hard moment and deliver traditional mourning bouquets of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh flowers for the funeral in Kyiv. Needless to say, that the black strip with your words of condolences will be added to the mourning arrangement. This type of flower delivery has first priority and is filling within 1-2 hours if necessary.

Do not forget to send the even number of flowers for a memorial reason. The color of flowers that normally are sending for funerals is dark red or white. Red carnation is a most usual flower for funeral, however for a close people dark red roses are sending as well.

The black strip should be added to the mourning bouquet or arrangement. The black strip for a large mourning basket of flowers is wide and a few words normally are written there (to whom and from whom). We can do it and place at an arrangement. Please, order a gift card and type in your words for the mourning black strip. Price is same for these both items.