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Easter Holiday in Ukraine

Orthodox Easter is one of the most popular and loved religious Holidays in Ukraine. It is even more loved and revered than Christmas. It is called here “Velykden” or “Paskha” There are so many reasons to love and sincerely and joyfully celebrate it even for those who do not consider themselves as religious ones. Easter always comes as a Day after a long cold, grey and overcast winter, when, Day wins a Night, Spring wins a Winter and finally Light wins the Dark.

How the Easter is going on

If you come here for the Easter, you’ll see lots of smiling people on Saturday night walking by a whole families to Churches. Adults, children of all ages, eldest people…. This day is special, it is the day of families unity! All women wear a white shawls – by the old tradition women should enter a church with a covered head, but men should do it without any headdress. What does each family holds at their hands? Wow! They have such a baskets with food and a candles. Why do they take all the food baskets to churches? - Priests bless the food believers brought and then they put the blessed food at their holiday tables.

Traditional Easter Baskets as a best gifts for Orthodox Easter

Let's look into their Easter baskets. First of all each family carries one or a few Easter cakes (Kulich) there. Then we see the boiled and painted eggs (‘Krashanki’): red, brown, green, yellow... they are the symbols of Ukrainian Easter and obligatory food on the table this day. By the way, the great "substitution" of a boiled regular eggs (painted) could be chocolate eggs! The other obligatory item of the Easter Food Baskets is a bottle of red wine, but of one special kind only. It's name is "Kagor" - it's a sweet "church" Sacramental wine. Except the mentioned Easter cake, painted eggs and "Kagor" wine many families put in a cooked meat into their traditional Easter baskets. It can be nice smoked and very loved in Ukraine home made sausage, brisket, smoked tenderloin and others. Another very popular component of the Easter baskets is a Curd Easter cake. It is fantastically tasty! Also we could note a bright, colorful and nice looking vegetables or fruits , chocolate candies, other sweets and products.

Send any gift, just attach the obligatory Easter items

If you think about what could be sent to your Ukraine friends as the Easter gift, do not doubt: send the Eater Holiday Basket - we offer a few options of such a baskets. The other option: attach the Easter cake (Kulich) and "Kagor" Sacramental wine to any gift, that you choose at our site, and then the whole set becomes specific "Easter gift"!