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    Ростислав, Канада

    Щиро дякую за вашу працю та зусилля, щоб встигнути все зробити. Я вперше...

  • Reviews
    Marcus, USA

    Thank you Natalia, The flowers and stocking were amazing!!! And great job on the card...)))

  • Reviews
    Marcus, United States

    The flowers were amazing!! Oksana was very happy. Thank you so much,

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Fresh flowers at our Kherson flower shop that people there like the most

Kherson is the city in the south of Ukraine. As any southern city, its inhabitants prefer bright and colourful things. And what can be brighter and more colourful than flowers? Arose is the queen of all flowers. It is beautiful in any color, any of its numerous sorts. There is always a huge choice of roses of different colors and tones, other flowers at our flower shop in Kherson. Except bouquets, basket arrangements and boxes arrangents, it is possible to order original gift compositions, flowers combined with chocolates, flowers with berries arrangements, flowers with macaroons or with other sweets. Such Gift boxes are always nontrivial and fresh!

Our flower shop in Kherson delivers also fruits sets, sets of delicacies, as well as unusual surprises. For example, live tropical butterflies, Certificates for visiting SPA salon, or even a horse ride! Such unusual gifts especially surprise and please our recipients in Kherson, as well as in other cities of Ukraine. Your family, that lives even far from you, in Kherson, will be really happy, having received such gift from you! It is easy to place order for flower and gift delivery in our flower shop We accept payments with the Visa and Mastercards.

The way bouquets and gifts are arranging at our Kherson flower shop

Our florists do not stop studying and always are first in applying a new methods in the flower bouquets and arrangements design. We always use the most up-to-date materials, carefully follow the floral fashion and immediately catch if a new, modern materials and ecological materials appear at the floral market. Currently, florists prefer eco-friendly materials - plain paper or a paper with various modern prints, new types of floral nets, that make bouquets looking fresh and stylish. Needless to say, that your friends or family in Kherson will be definitely pleased when receiving your fresh flowers bouquet.

Look at the most popular Hat boxes fresh flowers arrangements, gifts boxes arrangements combined of flowers and sweets. We bet, that the receiver in Kherson will be more than happy getting such a cute gift that is both beautiful and tasty.

Boxes arrangements always look elegant, even there is no matter which flowers were used for making the arrangement: either tulips, roses, or a mix of different flowers. Creative florist of our Kherson flower shop can make such arrangement bright and lively as well as tender and touching, using flowers of the pastel tones. Choose bouquet or arrangement at our Catalogs that would suit to the character of your friend or Darling most closely and explosion of emotions, appreciation and love is guaranteed!

Are there in Kherson any local specific traditions as to the flowers or their colors?

Yes! And it is extremely important to follow the local traditions in this regard. Receiver of your bouquet in Kherson is going to be extremely sensitive about it.

The number of flowers

If you decide to send a bouquet of roses (by the way, it is the most popular flower for our customers), make sure there id the odd number of flowers only! Odd number of flowers is sending for the holidays, birthdays, for expressing love or respect and so on. In other words, odd number of flowers is sending to alive people.

Even number of flowers is sending as a mourning flowers, flowers for funeral in Kherson, it is a number for memorial events only. Never ever send to someone in Kherson the even number of flowers as greeting or as a gift! It will be accepted like you wish a death to that person!!!

This tradition is extremely strong not just in Kherson, but at all parts of Ukraine.

The color of flowers

Actually any color of flowers is ok for sending to Kherson. Red roses mean love, white roses symbolize purity and fidelity. It is customary to send bouquets of white flowers for a wedding... The only color that people in Kherson might consider as a bad sign would be... yellow roses! Traditionally yellow flowers are considering as a hint for parting or saying "Good bye!". However this tradition is slowly recedes in a big and modern cities. Girls and women there are mostly open to the yellow color flowers now. However people in a small towns and villages still follow this point of view.

Some kinds of gifts should be ordered a few days prior its delivery in Kherson

Let us remind, that we are a Kherson local flower shop and sell flowers only. However we thought it would be a good idea to offer something else that our customers could send to their friends or families in Kherson. So, we added a big bunch of various items. Our florists or couriers buy the ordered items as a regular buyers at the local supermarkets and shops.

So, don't be surprised if the soft toy or something else, that we deliver, looks differently than it is at the photos. Courier chooses them from the available items at the shop.

It also can be so, that some items are absent at the Kherson shops. At such case we mail them to our Kherson flower shop at the case we have at least 1-2 working days before delivery date. In other words: the choice of the items available for delivery in Kherson is much better if the order placed 2-3 working days prior the delivery date.

The other sorts of gifts require additional working days anyway. Which gifts? Well....

Needless to say, that Tropical Butterflies do not fly around Kherson. For making such a unbelievable presentation they have to travel from one of two butterflies nurseries from the other parts of Ukraine. So, we need additional time for organizing their trip to Kherson.

The same thing can be mentioned about some other special gifts, such as a Giant Bears and Rabbits that are producing specifically for a certain orders after they are placed and paid. Even more simple things that are always available at a big cities sometimes need to be mailed to Kherson, because the choice at a local supermarkets is poor sometimes.

The conclusion that follows of the written above is: guaranteed delivery of any item is possible if the order is placed 2-3-4 days prior the delivery date. At that case we have all the possibilities to collect all the ordered items at our Kherson flower shop for delivery to your family or friends there. We are counting at your understanding.

Can really any item from this Catalog be delivered in Kherson?

Yes, any item can be delivered. However it can be done if the order arrives at least 3-4 days prior delivery date. At this case we have enough time to collect all ordered items in our Kherson flower shop. If any things are not available in Kherson supermarkets and shops at that moment, we could mail them there from a bigger cities. Such extra efforts and expenses we totally take on our behalf. All we ask our customers for is to give us enough time to fulfill their flower and gifts delivery order in Kherson in full and in a best way.

How the order for flower delivery in Kherson could be placed?

Actually it's very easy. Just search our Kherson Catalog and make your choice. Send it into a cart. Then you could return back to Catalog and add something else. Go to the next stage after you finish shopping - click "Place order" button. Type in all the information that is necessary for us. Do not forget to provide us with the phone number of the receiver. It is the most important as we have to call the receiver before delivery to make sure we meet her.him in person

Payment the order is the 3rd, last stage "Pay the order" button. As you could see at the opened payment page, we accept VISA or MASTER cards for on-line payments.

Sometimes our customer have some problems of paying the Kherson flower delivery orders. Please, take into consideration, that all authorizations are providing by the banks-issuers, i.e. banks, that issued the Visa or Master cards. So, please, call your bank for assistance if you are intended to pursue the payment of the flower delivery order for your friends in Kherson.

One more way to pay the international order would be through TransferWise most reliable company. It would take 15-20 minutes to clear things and to register there, but then you could easy pay any bill at any part of the World through this site. A few our customers use it and are happy with it. Except other benefits, we would mention a high security. Look, if you register at TransferWise and then use it for many (all?) payments, you are not going to spray out your card data at many sites, but use one reliable site for all payments.

Fresh flowers and gifts delivery to villages nearby Kherson

Our Kherson flower shop delivers flowers and gifts also to villages nearby our town - the villages Kamyshany, Belozerka, Romashkovo, Roslyv, Chernobayivka, Klapaya, Kiselivka, Zelenovka, Zhovtneve, Molodizhnoe, Naddnipryanske, Antonivka, Priddnipryanske, Aleshky and others. Please, send request with the name of the village and we'll reply if we can deliver there and what would be a price of such a long distance delivery.

Funeral urgent flower delivery in Kherson

It happens so that some one loved and cherished leaves this World forever, but you are far away of Kherson at the moment and can't be there for funeral. We could help at this hard moment and deliver traditional mourning bouquets of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh flowers for the funeral in Kherson. Needless to say, that the black strip with your words of condolences will be added to the mourning arrangement. This type of flower delivery has first priority and is filling within 1-2 hours if necessary.


Do not forget to send the even number of flowers for a memorial reason. The color of flowers that normally are sending for funerals is dark red or white. Red carnation is a most usual flower for funeral, however for a close people dark red roses are sending as well.

The black strip should be added to the mourning bouquet or arrangement. The black strip for a large mourning basket of flowers is wide and a few words normally are written there (to whom and from whom). We can do it and place at an arrangement. Please, order a gift card and type in your words for the mourning black strip. Price is same for these both items.